Design Philosophy


The keystone of the GKO Architects design philosophy is that architecture should not be over-designed. Truly outstanding design should be simple, appropriate, and cost-efficient. At the same time, it should be attractive, inspiring, and sustainable.

The GKO Architects philosophy is intertwined with the programmatic and budgetary needs of our clients. In order to maintain this connection, we collaborate closely with our clients and other team partners within an integrated design process.

The integration of buildings into the context of their respective communities is another important consideration in our design philosophy. A well-designed building is context-sensitive and achieves visual harmony with its surroundings. It communicates and symbolizes the positive core values of the community.

We also believe in environmental stewardship. GKO Architects designs buildings that are sustainable, energy efficient, and unified with nature. We employ many inexpensive “green” strategies when designing buildings.

The GKO Design Philosophy goes beyond words. We practice these principles consistently over time, and the results are evident in the buildings and spaces we design.